The word Shabka means net, network or ring. It is also a family name.

No idea if it has anything to do with these pyramids.........kind of cool if it did.

The Pyramids of el-Kurru

     El-Kurru lies on the right bank of the Nile, about 13 km south from the Gebel Barkal. Excavations directed by G.Reisner in 1918-19 discovered on the cementery pyramids, which stood above tombs of kings of XXV Dynasty: Piankhi, Shabka, Shabataka and Tanutamon. Pyramid of Piankhi had a base length of  about 8 m and a slope of probably about 68o. A stairway of 19 steps opened to the east and led to the burial chamber cut into the bedrock as an open trench and covered with a corbelled masonry roof.  Piankhi's body  had been placed on a bed which rested in the middle of the chamber on a stone bench with its four corners cut away to receive the legs of the bed, so that the bed platform lay directly on the bench. The pyramids of Piankhi cuccessors were similiar. There were also 14 queens pyramids at el-Kurru, 6 to 7 m square, compared to the 8 to 11 m of the king's pyramids. Northeast of the royal cementery, G.Reisner found the graves of 24 horses and two dogs.



A - Kashta
B - Piankhi
C - Shabaka
D - Tenutamon